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Depart From:

Art Gallery and Studio for Training, Coaching, Meeting and Creative Enterpreneurs

Bed & Breakfast 'Sleeping between the Art'


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An Inviting Escape

Art/Gallery 'Depart From' offers the unique possibility for working, presentations and meetings: Between the Art!
The gallery is in the centre of Amsterdams popular de Pijp district. The modern design has a practical, nice and warm look & feel. Also there is a changing exhibition of talented and upcoming artists.
Thanks to the creative floorplan the space is flexible and can be divided by a glass sliding wall and curtains. This makes it a practical, comfortable and flexible space.
With the design bathroom with shower we can even change it into your private loft and working studio! Experience: Sleeping between the Art!

We look forward to meeting you!


We can't wait to meet you.


Gerard Doustraat 154, 1073VZ, Amsterdam, Pays Bas / The Netherlands