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Depart From | Meeting between the Art

A great place for meetings, presentations, workshops & MORE.

Receiving your guests or colleagues in an artistic setting will
inspire and motivate them to productive brainstorming and presentations.

We’re located in the heart of Amsterdam’s De Pijp district.
With great parking possibilities, team building opportunities nearby.

Also ideal for coaching, training and music rehearsals.

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Depart From | Creative Concept Studio

Artist inn Residence

For all professionals. Your private loft and work studio in Amsterdam.



For all corporate or independent entrepreneurs and artists.


An Inviting Escape

Art Gallery Depart From offers the unique and inspiring possibility for working, presentations and meetings ‘Between the Art’. We’re situated in the centre of Amsterdam’s popular de Pijp district. The modern design has a practical, nice and warm look & feel. Also there is a changing exhibition of talented and upcoming artists.

The floor plan and interior give the space many creative and flexible options for different set-ups. The room can be divided by a glass sliding wall and curtains. This makes it even a more practical and flexible space.

The design bathroom can turn the studio into your private loft and working studio. Host or receive your guests in your private loft and feel and work like a local! ‘Sleep between the Art’!

We look forward to meeting you!


We can't wait to meet you.


Gerard Doustraat 154, 1073VZ, Amsterdam, Pays Bas / The Netherlands